Monday, November 17, 2008


So today I had a doctor appointment to check out on my lovely cyst. Good news people my cyst is gone!!! I have been praying so hard and having a lot of Faith that this cyst will not be in my way of getting prego. So I just have to share that with you!

Also I have been taking my fiber drink every morning and it is helping me feel not so blooded all the time. I stopped chewing gum too! It has been a tough week but I am over coming it. haha!

Tonight we are going Ice Skating in SLC for FHE. Im not that good at ice skating but Adam is really good at it. He used to play Ice hockey back in Maine. So I usually give Alaya to him to skate with. Alaya also really likes it. Well I will post pictures of that either tonight or tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!


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reyn and heidi said...

That is very good to here! i hope everything happens fast for you now! and that Alaya will get a little bro or sister soon. i am also very glad to hear that your stomach isn't hurting anymore. sucks to not get your gum fix but you can have jolly ranchers or mints or something else? you guys have fun tonight ice skating. talk with ya later :)