Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm so dumb sometimes!

I'm so angry right now! Well when Adam had bought our first tv he got this black glass tv stand that I have hated from day one. Just because it is so hard to keep clean with dust and a 2 year old that likes to touch it all the time. So I have been wanting to sell it for a long time. So I put it up on KSL and someone finally wants to buy it. So Adam had left Alaya and I for a few days to go up to Idaho Falls to sell. So I have been trying to get this tv stand ready for the person that is coming to pick it up, like cleaning it and all. I moved the tv and the Cable cord was still plugged into the tv and the TV CABLE JACK CAME OUT OF THE TV.AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm so angry at myself for not unscrewing it. So it is still under warranty thank goodness, but now I have to wait for someone to come fix my tv. I called Sharp just to make sure that it is all under warranty and that it would be covered and they said that it is.So I didn't want to tell Adam about it, but I had to just cause I tell him EVERYTHING! Sooooo now im stuck with no tv for 3 days, I know that is sad of me to say but seriously! It is freezing outside and there is nothing else to do! FREAK!

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r said...

Oh man, that really sucks! I hate when I do dumb things. I always tell myself I'll just fix it and not tell Grant, but I always end up telling him...sigh.