Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So I have been wanting to blog about something but haven't had anything exciting to blog about. So today Adam and I were playing in Alaya's room with her and she had all these balls. So i just put them in my dress and told Adam to take pictures. Sooooo I'm not prego, even though I wish I was. It was fun to see what peoples reactions are. This is my beautiful daughter Alaya and I. She is so much fun to hang out with and she is talking so much more. She always has to show me new things she does. She is just growing up way too fast but it is so awesome to see. I'm so greatful for her and I'm so GLAD that Heavenly Father trust me with her. One thing I love about Alaya, is she always shows her love for me, like when she hits me (when she is throwing a huge 2 year old tantrum) or if I seem down she ALWAYS comes up to me and says " it's okay mom!" or "I'm sorry!" and she always puts her hand on my face while she is talking to me! I LOVE IT!!!!!She is so forgiving and loves everyone! She helps me get through hard days that is for sure!!!


r said...

That's what kids are for. What a sweetheart she is. Hazel says 'Hi Lalaya and Crystoo'. She wants to go 'downstairs' to visit you now :(
We miss you guys! We will have to get together when we visit Utah!! Grant's Mom lives in PG, so it shouldn't be too hard to arrange.

Andrea said...

Hey it was good hearing from you! How are you doing?