Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ice Skating

This was after we were done skating. Alaya wanted to watch the movie with Cade while the parents talked.
Alaya standing in her skates by the candy!

Adam and Alaya skating!!
She wanted the camera!
Adam only had one hand on her! She is awesome!!
Alaya and I skating!

Alaya looks soo cute, don't mind me I look horrible!
This was at the beginning so she looks a lil scared.
First time walking in her skates.
Alaya didn't have a nap yesterday so she slept the whole way (45min) then she just barely woke up in this picture!! haha!

Last night for FHE we went Ice Skating with another family up in Bountiful, Utah. This rec center that we went to was awesome. It had anything you could think of doing. Anyways so we put skates on Alaya and SHE LOVED IT! She was so good at staying on her feet. There were times I would only hold one of her hands and she would just glide across the ice. I usally don't trust myself doing things like this with Alaya cause I'm not good. So Adam had her most of the time and he would hold her and skate with her, then put her down on the ice just so that her blades would touch the ice. She was really good at just walking in the skates too. The kids got tired after about 30 mins of skating soo Kristi and I bought them candy while the guys went and skated for a way long time. Adam was dying by the time they were done (it was good for him though haha!) The kids Anyways we had a really good time and it was fun watching Alaya do something new! It was also really good to see our friends!!


Nikki said...

I swim at that gym all the time! I love that place!

Felisha said...

Looks like you all had a good time. Alaya is doing awesome on ice skates. I Have a hard time.

Britt and Spencer Johnson said...

Looks like fun! Alaya's hat is ADORABLE! I learned how to crochet recently, I'll have to try to make a cute hat like that! I need to have kids or something so I can make cute stuff for them!