Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Farm

Katelynn and Alaya (hiding of the other side of kate) feeding the cow (feeding corn not POP CORN)!
One of the only pictures I got of Alaya today!

The cute girls, Kate was mad haha!

Alright so I should have change my blog page first of all at the first of OCT haha! So here is a new blog page. I tried to find one that no one had. But I'm sure a lot of people have this one too! I then realized that all my font for my post were purples, blues, and etc... So I was gonna go through all my post and change the colors than realized I didn't have time for that but I did change like the last 5 post I think haha! It will drive me nuts that the rest aren't matching but Ill have to overcome that OCD of me.

So today my sister and I took the kids to Thanksgiving Farm (because today was actually nice weather, so we figured we should do it now) Any who, It took us about 5-10 mins to just get out of the car haha! Cause KT was having a moment and then preston pooped. HAHA! It was funny! I was laughing at my sister cause she is so patient haha!(I know your reading this FELISHA) So we got there and the kids are way excited to see all the animals. We got some food to feed the cows, donkey,llamas. Alaya is getting better at wanting to feed the animals.I was able to get like 4 pictures and then my camera died! I do that every time we go somewhere, take like 6 pictures then I realize "oh man I should have charged my batteries". Then it was time to ride the pony! Alaya has rode them many times before and every time we go I have to hold her on them cause she is screaming on the top of her lungs wanting to get off. Oh yes! It happened again today! She still is afraid of riding the pony. So I made her ride it (U can say that that I'm a bad mom if you want, I'm sure everyone at the farm thought so too) but I know she loves animals and would love it. So I have to push her to do somethings. But she screamed for most of the ride but she was happy for a moment. It was fun and a good day for the farm.

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