Friday, November 7, 2008

A fun, fulfilling day!

So today Alaya and I went to the Kangaroo Zoo! It was a blast! Alaya loves jumping and being crazy on everything so she was bouncing everywhere non-stop. A year ago Alaya wouldn't even touch these animals that are blown up and would only go down the huge slides. NOW she will touch the animals and NOT go down the slides haha! FUNNY! But she had a great nap cause she was all worn out from jumping non-stop for 2 hours. It was fun to spend time with her today!

So the TV Man came to fix my tv today. He came in and took my whole TV apart and then came to tell me that he is gonna have to see if warranty will cover it because it looks like someone had yanked the cable jack out. AGH! But it warranty doesn't cover it, it will be an estimate of $200 to fix, freak! So Im hoping that it will be covered under warranty cause I really don't want to pay $200. If we don't get it fixed we will never be able to watch HD or cable again! So frustrating! So I'm sure it will all work out!

Last but not least! When we moved into our new place I cleaned everything really good of course but in our kitchen and bathrooms they put this cheap flooring down that has all these lil pivots and holes where dirt easily gets into. So last week I scrubbed the kitchen and the first bathroom. Which took me about 3 hours to do both and I was way too sore to do my bathroom. Well today I finally got it done and they all LOOK GREAT! Anyone that knows me well, knows that I'm very picky of how clean my house is. Sooo it needed to be done and It is finally done! WAHOO!

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r said...

Yeah!! I love having the apartment up to my clean standard. I hope you don't have to pay to fix your TV!