Monday, November 10, 2008

Horrible Habit

I have the worst habit you could ever do, I bite my nails! I think it is soo gross but I still do it. WEIRD I know! It is something that I can not do. It also drives Adam crazy cause when I starting biting I don't stop for hours. Then I complain that my nails are too short and they hurt. Adam sometimes bites his nails too, but not as bad as me. So he came up this deal, every time we bite our nails the other person gets a 5 mins back scratch haha.Well needless to say Adam has caught me many of times biting my nails, so I have given him a lot of back scratches, BUT NOT ANYMORE! I haven't bit my nails now for a week and half. I'm proud of myself because it is the hardest habit that I have. I hope someday to over come it. So as I'm trying to over come this habit I see Alaya is starting to bite her nails. So I need to start cutting them every few days instead of once a week. I don't want her to make it a habit like me! Agh It drives me crazy!!


r said...

You're so good! Grant and I both bite our fingers and it drives us both insane! We need to stop too. How did/do you do it?

Julianna and Mark Weeks and Family said...

Hey Girl, ode to the nail-bitters club. I'll tell you, coming from a child whose mother was a nail-bitter, I got the habit from her. but becoming a massage therapist has helped me. (thinking of all the nastys that are involved in the give and take.) I hear putting something with a nasty taste on her nails to associate the bad taste with the nail-bitting. e-mail me or call for more info.