Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a boring post this is!

I'm so bored tonight! Today was a long day, a wasteful day matter of fact. I just sat around all day got nothing done, beside break my tv. Speaking of tv someone will be here tomorrow to fix it (hopefully!) and I hope they don't charge me either. I talked to someone the first time and they said that it was covered under warranty, then I called back to schedule an appointment and they said that I will have to pay to get it fixed, WTF? I don't think so. I do not like dealing with electronic people! I have a warranty that should cover it idiots. AGHH! people get me fired up when they are not smart at their jobs. Any who (got my blood pressure all raised up now).The guy that was going to come get my tv stand was suppose to be here at 3 didn't show up till 7 tonight. The truck he borrowed to come get it kept dieing on him. I actually had to go jump start him when he came to get the tv stand cause it died in the parking lot way upfront by the entrance to our place. Anyways sorry these are some boring posts just lonely and have no one else to talk to. haha! I do need to go to bed and get some rest cause I'm gonna take Alaya to the Kangaroo Zoo tomorrow. It will be a great work out for me and what a great way to make Alaya tired for her nap. Plus I get to spend some awesome quality time with her! Also still need to finish ready Breaking Dawn. The last part has been so boring for me so it is taking me forever to finish. Almost done though. Alright Good night!

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r said...

I had a hard time reading Breaking Dawn (probably 'cuz I was reading it in the wee hours of the morning while feeding Lucy). Still don't know what I think about the book. Good luck with the TV, I hope they don't charge you! I hate when people give you different answers, so frustrating.

Hope you have a better day today :)