Thursday, November 6, 2008

Photo Shoot!

What a beauty!
Alaya had gum in her mouth haha!!

I like this one!!
This headband was a bit too big for Alayas hair style and it made her ears stick out haha!!

The poor girls were freezing! Alaya and Amelia

Amelia, Katelynn, and Alaya! What beautiful girls!! We got the pictures from the girls photo shoot! It was a lot of fun, minus being freezing. I have many more but these ones are cute!!


The Johnsons said...

Those pictures turned out really cute!!!! She is a doll!!!

r said...

How pretty!

reyn and heidi said...

Oh I love Alaya! She is so stinkin cute! those pictures turned out great, even though it was cold. You wouldn't think it was that cold, the girls did a good job.