Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alaya and Adam Dancing!

Alaya always does this. EVERYDAY! She loves it!
Adam and Alaya dancing! Look at her hand on his neck! I love it!
She loves to dance!

Yesterday we went to play with some friends and we were there for 3 hours and it was time to go home. Well Alaya didn't want to go so she was throwing a huge fit. Well she was fine once we got into the car. Then we went to the store with my sister and Alaya wanted to walk in the store. But I don't like her doing that if the store is busy or if we are in a hurry. So I put her in the shopping cart. She was screaming all through the store and didn't stop until we got home. Well we ate dinner and Adam had a meeting last night. So I decided to put Alaya down for bed at 7:30 because she didn't have a nap. So she cried for about 15 mins then fell asleep for about 30 mins. Then all of a sudden she just started screaming like someone was hurting here. So I went in there to try to calm her down and she was hitting, kicking, pulling my hair. When she gets way tired this is how she acts. So I was dealing with this HUGE tantrum last night that I couldn't even control. I was seriously almost in tears cause I couldn't calm Alaya down. I finally took her outside cause she loves the moon and she needed to cool down. Then we came inside and the same thing happened. Kicking, screaming on the floor,I finally through her in the shower to cool her down. She was still throwing the tantrum while I was getting her wet. After that I wrapped her in the towel and she calmed down. We watch "barn yard" and she didn't go to bed till 10:30 she barely had a voice last night from screaming so much and sooo hard. Today she is better but I have never been in that situation where I couldn't make her happy. I felt scared and alone..I'm glad she is better today!


r said...

Yikes! Sounds like a really bad night!! The pictures are really cute.

Felisha said...

I am sorry she was such a pill! Dancing pictures are really cute and priceless!