Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun random questions

1. I love...of cinnamon candles burning
2. Right now I see Adam
3. I feel like...Traveling somewhere warm
4. I hate it when...I get mad
5. I fear...not being able to get prego again
6. I'm lonely without...Adam and Alaya
7. I get my hair done again soon
8. Today I...woke up at 7, my beautiful daughter doesn't know how to sleep in haha
9. Tomorrow I'm...gonna go to church
10. I just...talked my my sister in law Laura
11. I want to meet...anyone famous
12. I'm hungry for...Key Lime Pie
13. I love it when...I'm stress free
14. I'm afraid of...loosing someone close to me
15. I'm listening to...Someones blog music haha!
16. I'm wearing...Jeans and my awesome Evanescense shirt, that I got at her concert last year
17. I wish I was in...Paris
18. I'm craving...water
19. I want to get...PREGO!
20. I can...clean like no other
21. I can't...stand when your trying to talk to someone and they seem like they aren't even listening to you.
22. I have...The best Husband
23. I haven't...been bungee jumping yet
24. I'm nervous to...go to the doc to see what is wrong w my stomach
25. My Mom thinks I'm...funny?not sure
26. My Dad thinks I'm...nerd?not sure
27. I think...I need to work out more
28. I'm happy when...Adam and Alaya are happy
29. I'm sad when...Im rude to people I love
30. I like eating...anything Italian, ice cream, any dessert
31. I hate eating...seafood
32. I love watching...The Hills ( know I'm pathetic)
33. I love listening to...Imogen Heap
34. I like playing...any kind of board game
35. I hate waking up to...the phone ringing
36. I can see...that is looks really cold outside
37. I'm glad that...Adam will be home tonight
38. I'm disappointed that...I broke my tv and It might not get fixed
39. I look mom
40. I wish I looked one really. I just wish I didn't have freckles and that I was naturally TAN!


The Johnsons said...

so you may not want to answer but what is wrong with your stomach? Does it have to deal with you not being able to get pregnant or you just aren't suppose to?? I am so sorry. I know way too many people that struggle that way and it just makes cry... SORRY! I know everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

r said...

Very fun!

I hope everything works out with the doctor and your stomach. Good luck!

Fullerton Family said...

I love The Hills, too! So entertaining! I hope your tv is able to be fixed w/o you spending money on it!

The Johnsons said...

I realized I need your email or phone or something. Ha ha. I was reading more of your blog and that you love games etc. The more I read about you the more I swear we are twins. :) Good luck on your next two weeks with Dr. Apts and keep me posted!!! GOOD LUCK!